Project Facilitation

Project Advancement

Project Success


Planning for your PROSPERITY. 

From your project’s initial vision, to its final execution, hundreds of vital decisions must be made in between. That’s where Snow Consulting Services comes in.  In three phases – project facilitation, project advancement and project success – we fill that void with the answers, expertise and guidance you need to maximize your company’s success far into the future.

Optimizing resources for SUCCESS.

At Snow, we specialize in CORE planning (Community, Operations, Results and Efficiencies) to ensure your facility does more than just open its doors—but opens new channels that will attract a constant flow of talent, community engagement, donors and more, all within your designated budget. It’s the result of our seasoned experience in community and facility planning, compliance, staffing, space optimization, partnership development, and other crucial areas. And it’s the reason clients in industries ranging from education, to non-profit, to corporate, all rely on us.

Strategizing toward your VISION.

Snow offers experience in three major areas: Community, Programming, and Operations. Our broad perspective allows us to deliver both a streamlined and comprehensive approach while ensuring airtight communication between all parties at every step. Whether your project is at its inception, or you need expert counsel and adjustments along the way, we can instantly handle your needs—no training required—at any scope so you can stay focused on your goals.


We offer a variety of services to help clients move in one direction: forward. And before we go to work and develop your best plan of attack, we first listen to your exact needs. This lays a foundation for airtight communication with your consultants, staff community stakeholders and all who are involved. It’s more than providing service. It’s a partnership. We become an extension of you.

Project Facilitation

Is your space effectively meeting your needs?  Are you thinking about taking on a planning or visioning process? Hiring the right planning team is just one part of having an effective vision.  Through taking our time to understand how you work, we are able to leverage internal and external talent and resources to facilitate successful project completion.  We do all of this without requiring you to pull existing staff from their busy jobs, and while maximizing the time that leadership spends on the project.

Strategy Development & Process Creation

How do you reach your goals with efficient use of resources?  What steps and processes are needed to effectively run your organization?  Snow Consulting is here to help you strategize and map out the path toward your desired destination and identify processes to correspond with the plan, to ensure proper flow and consistency in the day to day operations of your organization.  Our clearly articulated strategy development and process creation products serve as a powerful internal resource and guide to ensure efficiency and effectiveness as well as provide evidence of a well thought out organizational trajectory and consistent practices for stakeholders.

Data Review & Report Generation

At Snow Consulting Services we understand that compiling and evaluating information can be burdensome on your staff. We help you identify the information you have on had, the information gaps you may need to fill, and evaluate current data about the community you serve.  Additionally, we understand that information needs to be consistently evaluated to stay current. We have the ability to bring research and analytics to your organization, providing high-level updates when no current planning process is underway through our internal staff and partnerships with other data groups.  Our reports serve as valuable tools to help your organization understand where you may need additional capacity, and help inform decision makers regarding strategic initiatives.

Advisory Services

What happens when the plan is complete? How do you move from the big idea through execution? What do you do first? What will be the operational burden of new programs or buildings? Snow Consulting Services is here to help. We have experience connecting the dots from vision through implementation planning and to design, ensuring that you have the right team at the right time during execution, connecting you to industry wisdom and personnel for the efficient use of entrusted resources.  We have experience navigating the complex internal systems to identify the appropriate action items that lead to capacity building successful project execution.



Shannon Snow

Shannon Snow is the founder of Snow Consulting Services, and has an extensive amount of professional experience managing and implementing facility and infrastructure planning projects. Her portfolio includes work in the private, nonprofit, and education sectors.

Professional Profile



Rachel Murdoch

Rachel Murdoch is a Project Facilitator for Snow Consulting Services, and has significant professional experience in student services, leadership and program development, along with being a certified life coach.  She brings her dedication to quality, measurable outcomes to her clients.

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Helping executives, execute – one successful project at a time.

  • “Shannon’s greatest strength is the use of sound of planning principles for the project at hand. While this sounds simple, the application of these principles is a lot more difficult in practice. It requires methodology and study to get to the metrics that will actually lend themselves to making the project a success for the stakeholders. This requires careful listening, deep questioning, and verifying to the stakeholders what has been heard in the process. A plan built on these principles doesn’t automatically assure successful completion but forms the scaffold for carrying the project forward toward that goal.”

    • Stan Horrell – Director of Campus Planning and Sustainability at Metropolitan Community College
  • “I have had the opportunity to work with Shannon Snow and her team during the planning phase of the Metropolitan Community College – Fort Omaha Expansion Prior to this $90 million project becoming reality, currently under construction, Shannon Snow led the strategic planning initiatives which included enrollment forecasting, bench marking studies, space needs analysis and land utilization studies. This pre-planning effort allowed the planning and design team of Holland Basham Architects to more quickly understand, through compiled empirical data, the intended programmatic direction of the College creating a more responsive design solution.”

    • Curt Witzenburg – Senior Partner at Holland Basham Architects
    Architectural Partner
  • “Snow Consulting has been tremendously helpful to the Learning Community Center of North Omaha.  As we’re expanding programming, Snow Consulting helped us strategically look at the most efficient and effective use of space.  Prior to our meeting with Shannon and Rachel, we believed we were somewhat limited in our expansion.  However, after spending just a couple of hours with them, we are now considering opportunities we never believed possible.  I would highly recommend working with Snow Consulting.”

    • Renee Franklin, MPA – Executive Director, Elementary Learning Centers Learning Community of Douglas & Sarpy Counties, Omaha, NE
    Non Profit Client
  • “Many non-profit organizations are known for being risk adverse, yet if you truly want to flourish and make a greater impact, you have to take a risk and invest in change.  Shannon is a leader you can trust to help you navigate those uncharted waters within your organization.”

    • Robert Patterson, MA, CFRE – Chief Executive Officer, Kids Can Community Center, Omaha, NE



  • “The Snow Consulting Services team was very professional to work with. The staff was able to quickly grasp what we wanted to accomplish and had some great ideas on how to help us achieve our goals. They offered a wide variety of implementation scenarios and were professional and very patient through the process. We would not have been able to complete our project in the time available without the assistance and knowledge of Snow Consulting.  They provided the research we needed as our organization completed an agency re-brand.”

    Michael Robinson – Executive Director at Notre Dame Housing, Inc., Omaha, NE